September 11, 2012

Dear parents,

I just wanted to introduce myself as the new behavior specialist for Bowie Elementary School.  Many of you knew the previous behavior specialist, Ms. Miles, very well.  I will be continuing in a very similar capacity.

In addition to meeting with students individually, new for the 2012-2013 school year will be weekly breakfast groups and a regular schedule of student observation and data collection.  I feel that both of these will help us keep a more accurate gauge on student progress and assist them in developing more appropriate tools for dealing with the everyday challenges of school and life.

Also new for this year will be a website/blog that I will be keeping up for you and your children – (no www. needed).  It will include blog entries on the theme/lesson for that week’s breakfast group and entries on different ways to foster social skills at home, behavior management for home and school, and building consistent messages about expected behaviors between home and school.

I am really looking forward to get to know each of your children!  If you have any question, concerns, or would like to discuss or any unexpected changes that might be affecting your children, feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks so much,
Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell
Behavior Specialist
Bowie Elementary School

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