Unfortunately, with some of the activities of last week, my two groups are a week off.  This week, the Thursday group will be developing their group name, writing their social contract, and discussing how we participate as a group.

The Tuesday group will be moving ahead, with a lesson on You Are A Social Detective (for more information, check out Books We're Reading).  In addition to talking about school vs. social smarts, it introduces concepts such as, thinking with your eyes, expected and unexpected behaviors, and being a social thinker.  Between sections on School and Social Smarts / Expected Behavior, Unexpected Behavior, and Being a Social Detective, we will be discussing how these concepts can be used throughout day-to-day life.

Discussion points that you might also be interested in talking about at home:
* What are some ways that you know what behaviors are expected of you? At home?  At school? At sports, church, or other community locations? (social contract, class rules, etc.)
* What are some ways that you know what behaviors are unexpected? (moving card, call out from teacher, unable to participate in fun activities)
For more on the terms expected behavior and unexpected behavior, check out Using "Expected" and "Unexpected" Rather Than "Appropriate" and "Inappropriate" to Describe Behavior.
* How do parents, teachers, friends, and classmates act when you behave unexpectedly?
* How can you be a Social Detective in your every day life?

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